1. Download and install NodeJS if you don't have it already installed in your computer.
  2. Unzip the downloaded zip file and then open your terminal or cmd, navigate to the findeas directory.
  3. Install the Gulp Command Line Interface to be able to use Gulp by using this command npm install gulp-cli -g. Make sure that Node JS has been installed in your computer, because this command requires npm that can get after the installation of Node JS.
  4. After you have finished the installation of the Gulp Command Line Interface, then you need to perform a local installation of dependencies required by the Findeas template by using this command npm install. And the necessary packages will be downloaded into node_modules directory.
  5. Then run browsersync to serve the template pages by using command gulp. While Gulp is running, html files, scss and js folders are monitored for changes, which will updated the css files or cause a refresh in Browsersync.

Upload to Server / Hosting

  1. You will need to upload some of the findeas template files to your Web Server using FTP in order to use it on your Website.
  2. Make sure you upload the required files/folders listed below:
    • assets - All the assets files that contain of image, icon, css, and javascript files.
    • php - Contains the PHP files to run Mailchimp Integration and PHP SMTP Contact Form.
    • .html - HTML files.
    The other files can be used according to your preferences.
  3. You're now ready to go!